Social Enterprises

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We have had the privelege of working with Nottinghamshire County Council since 2003 with many Social Enterprises in Nottinghamshire.

Regardless of how praiseworthy the social aims are - you need to still be in business next year, and for many years after to be able to deliver those social aims.

We have been privileged to work with many successful Social Enterprises along with Councils (County and District), loan providers (charity and High Street banks), grant providers and many specialists in the field as well as networking with all facets of this sector from the 'do-ers' to the politicians.

Many high street banks do not understand this sector, nor indeed do some accountants, but we at Wyatt and Co do. We understand that in many cases a cocktail of grants and loans will be the only way to kick-start a social enterprise.

However, as with any business requesting funding from whichever source, the business needs a good business plan robust in itsí assumptions supported by a strong and balanced management team. It needs Forecasts with sensitivity analysis to show the team what would happen to the business if it performed worse, or better than the main forecast in order to be able to deal with whatever variances came their way.

We have spent the last ten years providing such Forecasts.

We use the latest Sage forecasting software to help you produce your financial plans - because this is your plan, not ours - we merely formalise your predictions and help you understand the effects of any changes.

We show you how to account for various income streams - project by project - restricted or unrestricted.

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