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Whilst working with many businesses in the Third Sector, we have been exposed to many charities.

The legal obligations can be burdensome not least for the separate Charities Commission reporting and the operating rules each day of the year.

We have produced a guideline checklist to assist any business who is considering applying for charitable status or indeed an existing charity which may need to look at its’ own practises to confirm compliance with the Charity Commission guidelines.

We are conscious of the constraints brought upon some charities who by law must conform to SORP 2005 and indeed those who don’t legally have to, but want to in order that they satisfy their ‘best practise’ ethos.

We can help you prepare your accounts for independent audit in order that you can argue lower costs if presented in a way that requires less work by the auditors.

We liase with HMRC in matters concerning VAT and the complexities surrounding the treatment of income and expenditure and their associated VAT elements.


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